Social Insurances

Social Insurances

There are two kinds of Social insurances.

They are Health Insurance and Employees’ Pension Insurance.

All corporations and individual offices (regularly employ 5 or more persons are usually) obligated to join these Insurances. The monthly insurance premiums are determined by employees’ pays and shared equally between employer and employee.

1 Health Insurance (When illness ,injured except working time)

Health Insurance pays when employee or his/her dependent family member is injured or suffer illness in order to give them stable lives.

2 Employees’ Pension Insurance (pension)

Employees’ Pension Insurance pays when employees become old, disabled, or die in order to give stable lives to employees and the survivor.

National Health Insurance and National Pension (Social insurances if you are self- employed )

Self-employed, agriculture and also for others unemployed individuals have to join National Health Insurance and National Pension at their regional government office.

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