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I help and hope your success in Japan!

Thank you for coming to my pages!

My name is Masakazu Kusuhara. I run my office as an immigration and a labor lawyer (Gyousei-shosi:Shakaihoken-roumu-si) in Chuou ward in Saitama city in Saitama prefecture. My office is located just in front of The Tokyo Immigrant Bureau Saitama branch.

I can help and support your life in Japan beginning from immigration procedure(VISA)to your labor matter including social insurance and your dairy life. In Japan, it is not easy to obtain the entry permit(VISA) but is needed complicated procedures. There are many kinds of entry qualifications like working, student, permanent residence and so on. And there are many kinds of procedures like new-entry, extension of period, change status of residence, re-entry, and so on.

I make your application sheets for immigration procedure(VISA) and also submit these sheets to Immigration Bureau. Without going Immigration Bureau, you can usually get your immigration permit(VISA). Because I am certificated immigrant lawyer to submit them to Immigrant Bureau instead of you.

Also I advise you concerning labor and social insurance. I am a labor and social insurance attorney. Japanese public insurance systems are complex. I make and submit the sheets concerning them instead of you and also instruct the laws and systems about them.

There are many peculiar rules and habits in Japan. But you can feel ease because I help your immigration procedure(VISA) and instruct your daily life, labor matter including social insurance systems and so on in Japan. I am also a Certificated Financial Planner. So I can help opening your bank account and so on.

Japanese people are kind and calm. So you can live in Japan comfortably if only you are accustomed to Japanese procedures, Japanese ways. I will help you with not only immigration procedure(VISA) but also your life in Japan totally. I hope your success in Japan. So please send E-mail and contact with me soon.

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